• TTPOA Advanced Sniper Course (5-DAY)


TTPOA Advanced Sniper Course (5-DAY)






6/5/2017 - 6/9/2017

Credit Hours: 50

Austin (Region 1)

Instructor(s): Alex Hartmann, Rudy Gonsior, Dave Seymour

Member Fee: $600.00

Non-Member Fee: $650.00

Contact Info: Luke Serrato, 512-961-2151

Course Details

The Ridgeline SWAT Sniper Advanced Course is designed for the Law Enforcement Officer who has already been Certified as a Police Marksman/Sniper with a minimum 40 Hour course.  Our Five-day course starts with a review of the fundamentals then quickly accelerates, challenging students with advanced concepts and more demanding courses of fire.  Graduates will have a more complete skill set and a better understanding of their role and responsibilities in the tactical environment.

Course Topics

  • Review of Weapons Safety Rules
  • Sniper Mindset/Psychology (The “Will to Kill”)
  • Range Estimation Drills
  • Creating Range Cards
  • Observation & Reporting Exercises
  • Wind Reading/Estimation Drills
  • Understanding Ballistic Software (Demo)
  • Cold Bore Exercises
  • Marksmanship Drills
  • Data Collection 100-X00y (Range Dependent) 
  • Positional Shooting
  • Alternate Positions/Utilizing the Environment
  • Multiple Target Engagements
  • Command Fire Drills/Sniper Initiated Assaults
  • Quick Reaction Drills
  • Night/Lowlight Engagements (The Use of NODs/Thermals/Lasers)
  • Glass/Barrier Shooting
  • Engagement of Moving Targets (Range Dependent)
  • Selection & Occupation of Positions
  • Observation & Reporting 
  • Performance Pistol Module
  • Ridgeline Advanced Sniper Qualification CoF


Current Law Enforcement or Military (Be prepared to present credentials on day 1) 

Basic Sniper Certification

Required Equipment

Payment Instructions/Host Hotel Information

The member fee for this course is $600, the Non Member Fee is $650. Registration and payment should be made online at TTPOA.org. All transactions should be made with a credit card via the online registration website.  If you are unable to process payment, please contact the class coordinator for assistance. Because class size is limited payment must be received by 5/5/17. No refunds will be given after 5/5/17. If you have any questions please contact Luke Serrato at Luke.Serrato@ttpoa.org.

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