• Super Modular Rail MK7 National Match


Super Modular Rail MK7 National Match

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Desert Dirt Color
The Super Modular Rail MK7 is the first CMP-legal rail system that was designed specifically for National Match High Power Competition. The MK7 features a full quad rail, with the sling loop in its appropriate legal location for competition. The sling loop is attached to a steel bar which is fastened directly to the rail using screws to increase weight.

Along with the rail system, lead weight bars can be purchased separately and fastened in the 3 and 9 o’clock positions to add weight as needed to balance the rifle per the shooters preference. The weights and sling bar can also be modified per the user to have any undesired excess weight trimmed off and reinstalled. The rail system is completely free floating and is mounted to the weapon platform via Geissele’s rock solid 2 ¼” barrel nut design.

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