Ridgeline LE Recce Course

The Ridgeline LE Recce Course is designed to give the precision shooter the knowledge and skills to dominate 0-600m engagements.  Our 3-Day, 24 hour course is geared for shooters who utilize the SPR platform (5.56/7.62mm).  The DM/SPR concept, proven on the streets of Iraq, allows the shooter the ability to seamlessly transition from close range engagements to longer-range precision.  A true force multiplier, we believe that it is the future of the LE Precision Rifle, and we are pleased to be on the forefront of its application in Law Enforcement roles.
  • Review of Weapons Safety Rules
  • Sniper Mindset/Psychology (The “Will to Kill”)(LE Classes Only)
  • History of the SPR: Weapon Selection/Characteristics/Employment
  • Rifle Setup/Fitting/Maintenance
  • Understanding Angular Units of Measure
  • Range Estimation
  • Wind Reading/Estimation
  • Scope Theory
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Establishing a Zeroing
  • Grouping Exercises
  • Data Collection 0-600m
  • Supported and Unsupported Alternate Positions
  • Ready Positions
  • Magazine Changes
  • Multiple Shots/Targets
  • Shooting on the Move
  • Employment of Cover/Improvised Positions
  • Secondary Weapon Transitions
  • Low Light Shooting (If Applicable)
  • Scenario Based Engagements
  • Ridgeline Qualification CoF
  • Pistol, Min 9mm
  • Holster
  • Sturdy Belt
  • Three Pistol Magazines (Minimum)
  • Pistol Magazine Holders
  • Rifle, Min .223(Capable of Holding <2MOA Out To 600M)
  • Magnified Optic (Variable Power or Fixed, MOA or MIL adjustments, ACOG OK)
  • 600 Rounds Match Grade Rifle, 1000 Rounds FMJ Rifle, 250 Rounds Pistol (FMJ/Practice)
  • Sling (2pt Highly Recommended, Available for Purchase)
  • Bipod
  • Four Rifle Magazines (Minimum)
  • Rifle Magazine Holders
  • Battle Belt/LBV/Chest Rig/Plate Carrier
  • Wraparound Ballistic Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Weapons Cleaning Gear
  • Clothing Appropriate For Climate and Conditions
  • A Water Bottle or Other Hydration System
  • Note-taking Gear
  • Small Calculator
  • Knee Pads (Recommended)
  • Weapons-Mounted Flashlight (Optional)
  • Hand-Held Flashlight (Optional)

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