SWAT Sniper Basic Course

LENGTH: 5 Day / 50+ Hour
TUITION: $1000


The Ridgeline SWAT Sniper Basic Course is designed for the Law Enforcement Officer who has been designated or chosen by their Agency to be responsible for the application of precision fires or tactical reconnaissance during critical incidents.  Our Five-day 50 hour course develops the fundamentals of the multi-mission skill set required for todays Law Enforcement Marksman.


Dec 4-8, 2017 – Scarborough, ME

Jan 8-12, 2018 – Jacksonville, FL


  • Review of Weapons Safety Rules
  • Sniper Mindset/Psychology (The “Will to Kill”)
  • Discussion of Weapon Systems and Ancillary Gear
  • Rifle Setup/Fitting/Maintenance
  • Understanding Angular Units of Measure
  • Range Estimation
  • Wind Reading/Estimation
  • Scope Theory
  • Developing and Maintaining a Data Book
  • Cold Bore Theory
  • Introduction to Ballistics
  • Human Physiology/Targeting Vital Areas
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Establishing a Zero
  • Grouping Exercises
  • Data Collection (Range Dependent, 200Y Minimum)
  • Positional Shooting
  • Command Fire Drills
  • Quick Reaction Drills
  • Night/Lowlight Engagements
  • Engagement of Moving Targets
  • Selection and Occupation of Positions
  • Cover vs. Concealment
  • Camouflage Theory/Techniques
  • Movement Techniques/Exercises
  • Principals of Observation
  • KIMS Games
  • Ridgeline Qualification CoF


  • Precision Scoped Rifle Capable of 1MOA or Better (min Cal .223/max .338LM)*
  • Rifle Scope with External Elevation/Windage Adjustments (mil-based reticle preferred)*
  • Bipod* (available)
  • Rear bag/Sand Sock (available)*
  • 1000 Rounds Match Grade Rifle Ammunition (Same Lot Number)*
  • Rifle Cleaning Gear*
  • Binoculars*
  • Spotting Scope**
  • Rangefinder**
  • Windmeter (i.e. Kestrel)**
  • Ballistic Computer**
  • Backpack/Ruck*

**Recommended but Not Required