SWAT Sniper Advanced Course

LENGTH: 5 Day 50+ Hour
TUITION: $1500


The Ridgeline SWAT Sniper Advanced Course is designed for the Law Enforcement Officer who has already been Certified as a Police Marksman/Sniper with a minimum 40 Hour course.  Our Five-day course starts with a review of the fundamentals then quickly accelerates, challenging students with advanced concepts and more demanding courses of fire.  Graduates will have a more complete skill set and a better understanding of their role and responsibilities in the tactical environment. 


23-27 April 2018 – Epping, NH


  • Review of Weapons Safety Rules
  • Sniper Mindset/Psychology (The “Will to Kill”)
  • Range Estimation Drills
  • Creating Range Cards
  • Observation & Reporting Exercises
  • Wind Reading/Estimation Drills
  • Understanding Ballistic Software (Demo)
  • Cold Bore Exercises
  • Advanced Ballistics
  • Spotting
  • Review of Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Marksmanship Drills
  • Data Collection 100-1000Y (Range Dependent)
  • Positional Shooting
  • Alternate Positions/Utilizing the Environment
  • Multiple Target Engagements
  • Command Fire Drills/Sniper Initiated Assaults
  • Quick Reaction Drills
  • Night/Lowlight Engagements (The Use of NODs/Thermals/Lasers)
  • Glass/Barrier Shooting
  • Engagement of Moving Targets
  • Selection & Occupation of Positions
  • Evaluation of Movement Techniques
  • Observation & Reporting Exercises
  • Performance Pistol Module
  • Ridgeline Qualification CoF


  • Precision Scoped Rifle Capable of 1MOA or Better (min Cal .223/max .338LM)*
  • Rifle Scope with External Elevation/Windage Adjustments (mil-based reticle preferred)*
  • Bipod*
  • Rear bag/Sand Sock (available for purchase)*
  • 1200 Rounds Match Grade Rifle Ammunition (Same Lot Number)*
  • Rifle Cleaning Gear*
  • Pistol*
  • Pistol Magazines & Carriers (Min. 3)*
  • 250 Round Pistol (FMJ/Practice)*
  • Binoculars*
  • Spotting Scope**
  • Rangefinder**
  • Windmeter(i.e. Kestrel)**
  • Ballistic Computer**
  • Backpack/Ruck/ *
  • Tripod w/Shooting Support** (Manfrotto Pref.)
  • Note-taking Material*
  • Data Book (available for purchase)*
  • Flashlight/Headlamp*
  • Small Calculator*
  • Sling (available for purchase)*
  • Appropriate Clothing (Camouflage Utilities/Civilian Outdoor Clothing)*
  • Appropriate Footwear (Suitable for Rapid Movement/Stability/Turning)*
  • Foul/Cold Weather Gear (Seasonally Dependent)
  • Hat w/Brim
  • Ear Protection*
  • Camouflage Face Paint*
  • Ghillie Suit*
  • Sunblock
  • Insect Repellent
  • Chow/Water*

**Recommended but Not Required