Scoped Carbine

Ridgeline Scoped Carbine

16hrs (2 Days) / 1000rds

Designed for intermediate shooters, graduates of the Ridgeline Intro to Carbine class, or those looking for a refresher in their carbine capabilities while using a variable power optic.

Course curriculum maintains emphasis on accuracy and manipulations, and introduces students to shooting on the move, multiple targets and other stress-induced situations from 0-600m engagements (range dependent).

At the conclusion of the class, students will be required to pass a standards test in order to graduate with a certificate of completion.

Recommended Equipment Package:

Carbine Capable of 2MOA or Better (min Cal .223/max .308)*

Rifle Scope with External Elevation/Windage Adjustments (mil-based reticle preferred)*

1000 Rounds

3 Mags (min)

Mag Carriers/Chest Rig


Rear bag/Sand Sock

note taking gear

outdoor clothing/footwear (climate appropriate)


Spotting Scope



Weapons Cleaning Gear

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