Precision 3.0

Ridgeline Precision 3.0


Students must have successfully completed the Ridgeline Precision Rifle 2.0 or similar curriculum from an accredited known industry equivalent.

Essentially the USMC Urban Sniper/SFSC shoehorned into 2 days.

Students will be expected to shoot the course entirely from alternate supported shooting positions.

Over the course of the two days, students will be held to a higher standard of time and accuracy, as fighting with the rifle will become the primary focus (CQB / Close / Mid / Long Range), along with moving targets and stress-induced situations.

Recommended Equipment List:

Precision Scoped Rifle Capable of 1MOA or Better (min Cal .223/max .338LM)*

Rifle Scope with External Elevation/Windage Adjustments (mil-based reticle preferred)*

600 Rounds Match Grade Rifle Ammunition (Same Lot Number Pref)


Rear bag/Sand Sock


Note taking gear

Outdoor Clothing/Footwear (climate appropriate)


Rifle Cleaning Gear

Spotting Scope




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