Pistol 3.0

Ridgeline Pistol 3.0

24hrs (3 Days) /2000rds

Students must have successfully graduated from Ridgeline’s Pistol 2.0 or from an accredited know industry equivalent in order to participate in this course.

Essentially the flatrange pistol piece of SFAUC/SFARTEC shoehorned into 2 days.
Students are fully exposed to combat-related situations, where fighting with the pistol is the primary focus (CCW / CQB) and moving targets (range dependent).

Time and accuracy standards are extremely stringent – students will be removed from the course at instructor’s discretion if safety guidelines are not followed.

Recommended Equipment List:


2000 rds

Holster/Mag Carriers

3 mags (min, 5+ pref)

eye pro (clear)

ear pro

note taking gear

outdoor clothing/footwear (climate appropriate)


flashlight (weapon mounted or handheld)