Pistol 2.0

Ridgeline Pistol 2.0

16hrs/1500rds (min)

Students must have successfully graduated from the Ridgeline Pistol 1.5 or an accredited known industry equivalent in order to participate in this course.

Designed with an emphasis on honing manipulations skills and increasing speed with accuracy, students are exposed to single-handed operation and low light techniques.


Course highlights include: use of cover, safety and stress-induced situations. At the conclusion of the course, students are given a strict standards test, which must be passed in order to graduate.

Recommended Equipment List:


1500 rds

Holster/Mag Carriers

3 mags (min, 5+ pref)

eye pro (clear)

ear pro

note taking gear

outdoor clothing/footwear (climate appropriate)


flashlight (weapon mounted or handheld)