Pistol 1.5

Ridgeline Pistol 1.5


Designed for both beginner shooters, graduates of the Intro to Pistol Course or those looking for a refresher, Pistol 1.5 maintains the focus on accuracy and manipulations with a pistol, all while emphasizing the foundations of safety.

The Pistol 1.5 Course begins to expose students to additional actions with pistol shooting such as: shooting on the move, shooting multiple targets and stress / adrenalin situations.

At the conclusion of the course, students will be given a standards test, which must be passed in order to graduate.

Recommended Equipment List:


1500 rds

Holster/Mag Carriers

3 mags (min, 5+ pref)

eye pro (clear)

ear pro

note taking gear

outdoor clothing/footwear (climate appropriate)