Marksmanship Park

The Ridgeline Marksmanship Park is New England’s Premiere shooting destination. Purpose-built from the ground up to bring Long-Range and Action Shooting to New England in a way that has never been seen before.

Our proposed facility includes:

  • 600y UKD range with moving targets at 300 & 600 yards
  • 1000y Known Distance Range
  • 850y Unknown Distance Range
  • Intermediate Ranges with targets from 0-650 yards
  • 300 Yard Known Distance Range
  • (4) 25x25y Action Bays
  • 25x50y Action Bay
  • 100y Benchrest Range
  • 40x100y Academy Training Range with mover
  • (25) 25x10y Individual Training Bays
  • Field House with Classroom, Pro-Shop, Combatives Room, and Guest Leisure Area

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