Carbine 3.0

Ridgeline Carbine 3.0

24hrs (3 Days) / 2000rds

Students must have successfully completed and graduated from the Ridgeline 2.0 Course or from a known accredited industry equivalent.

Essentially the flatrange carbine piece of SFAUC/SFARTEC shoehorned into 2 days.
Over the course of the two days, students will be held to a higher standard of time and accuracy, as fighting with the rifle will become the primary focus (CQB / Mid-Range), along with moving targets and stress-induced situations.

At the conclusion of the class, students will be required to pass a standards test in order to graduate with a certificate of completion.

Recommended Equipment List:


2000 Rounds


200 Rounds

Holster/Mag Carriers (pistol)

3 Mags

Mag Carriers (carbine)

3 mags (min, 5+ pref)

eye pro (clear)

ear pro

note taking gear

outdoor clothing/footwear (climate appropriate)