Aerial Platform Operations


Operating from an Rotary Wing Platform; be it Personnel Delivery, Reconnaissance and Surveillance, or as a Precision Shooting Platform is an extremely specialized mission.  Ridgeline’s  Aerial Platform class is designed to expose Agencies to the near endless possibilities  and techniques of employing a Rotary Wing Platform.


  • Cost To Operate A Non-Organic Asset
  • Conventional Airframe Types and Capabilities
  • Capabilities and Limitations of Aerial Platforms
  • Mission Planning and Asset Integration Considerations
  • Air-Ground Communication Considerations
  • Air Crew Communication and Flight Procedures
  • Personnel Delivery Methods
  • Reconnaissance and Surveillance Operations
  • Aircraft Rigging (Shooting Platforms/Rappelling/Fast Roping)
  • Weapons Employment From Aircraft
  • Night Employment Considerations
  • T3 and How To Conduct Cost Effective Agency Based Sustainment Training


  • Rifle/Carbine
  • Red Dot or Low Power Magnification Optic
  • 4 Rifle Magazines (Min.)
  • Magazine Carriers
  • Riggers/Instructors Belt
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Note Taking Gear