Top 3 Tripod Sling Techniques

Top 3 Tripod Sling Techniques from Ridgeline

We can hear you asking the question now: “Why would I need to use a sling if I’m shooting off of a tripod?”

In fact, there are plenty of folks on the Interwebs that will tell you that slings will only get in your way and hinder your performance. Those people are entitled to their opinion, and we will leave it at that.

One of the main goals of precision shooting is to be consistent. That means being able to place that round exactly where you need it to go, every time, on demand. Why wouldn’t you utilize everything at your disposal to gain an advantage? A tripod is certainly one of the best ways to support your rifle for long periods of time, but it remains susceptible to small movements. That’s where employing a sling in conjunction with the tripod can help increase stability.

In this video, I break down what we consider to be the top three techniques to using a sling while in a supported position on a tripod. By no means are these the ONLY techniques you can use, but they are fast, easy to utilize, and provide a significant increase in accuracy.

The first is what we like to call the Motorcycle Throttle technique (no, that’s not trademarked, or even a thing….but we needed to call it something, so there you go). The second technique wraps the sling around your strong side tricep and pulls the gun in very tightly to the body. Lastly, we can attach the sling to our belt and maximize leverage on the gun by using our lower body.

Watch and Learn

Check out the full video below for all of the details.

While some of these methods are faster than others, only you can determine what works best for you in your given situation. Factors like engagement time or how many targets you have will dictate what you can employ.

Spend time with each of them and let us know what you think.

To learn more about these techniques or if you have any questions related to precision shooting, just get in touch with us.

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