“The depth of knowledge and experience the cadre displayed
left me feeling a little awestruck.”

–Harvey Bailey, Chief Firearms Instructor, Maine DOC-South


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With over 50 years of combined special operations experience, we can answer your questions about the WHAT, WHEN, and HOW of precision shooting.

But more importantly, we help you understand WHY.


Easily introduce modern long range techniques and equipment to your department


Stay up to date by receiving the latest education based on real world experience


Save thousands of dollars on gear by buying the right equipment the first time

Need a course specifically designed for the needs of your department?

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What makes Ridgeline so unique?

We’ve found that armed professionals, competitors, hunters and hobbyists, all struggle with the fundamentals of precision shooting.

Whether you’re a professional tasked with precision work, drive the requirements and acquisition for your department, or are a civilian looking for the latest in modern techniques, Ridgeline will help elevate your performance.

It can be a long and expensive process to find the right gear and then find an instructor that can teach you to use it correctly.

Ridgeline uniquely combines over 50 years of Sniper and Special Operations experience with nearly 30 years of management experience at a Fortune 500 company.  Shooting IS our business.

We are a Veteran owned and operated company that specializes in exceeding today’s demanding needs for Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military training.

We hate wasting money as much as you, so we are dedicated to delivering only the best products that we have hand-selected and personally tested.

Other training companies don’t specialize in precision work and certainly don’t have the depth of product knowledge that our team has. Let us put that experience to work solving your problems, regardless of your choice of platform.

You could certainly continue trying to mix and match equipment, wasting time and money on training from instructors that don’t have precision expertise.

But if you would rather not risk the success of your mission, losing that competition, or missing that trophy elk, then contact us today.

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“I have been a Sniper for the Lewisville Police Dept. SWAT team for the past 11 years. Been a cop for 17.
Law enforcement needs more instructors like you guys.
Your instruction was simple, clear, and informative.
Simply put, I was impressed.”

–George R., Lewisville Police Dept., Lewisville, TX